Thursday, June 5, 2008

Shape Em Up

Battle in 2d space against wave after wave of enemy shapes. Shoot and destroy them all as fast as you can to increase your combo multiplier and upgrade your weapon. Watch out for the black holes and destroy them before they suck you in.

Architect: N.S. must see light on solar energy

Nova Scotia has to wake up to the potential of solar energy, says a Halifax architect."There has to be some very forward-thinking policy decisions to lay the groundwork and to let this stuff happen, and to encourage it to happen," John Crace said in an interview Wednesday.

Africa's deserts could supply solar electricity to continent

Solar power from Africa's deserts could supply all 600 million citizens currently without electricity and even export power to Europe, a green energy conference in Nairobi heard Thursday.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Blu Dot Wonder Wall Cabinet

Whoa, Blu Dot’s Wonder Wall cabinet storage options just solved my current small apartment dilemma! I was just discussing with a friend how I needed a bookshelf or cabinet for a small 4.5” wide wall in my living room area.Crazy how right when I have that "a ha!" moment and know what is needed for my space, it then shows up on DP.

Van Campers Are Ideal For Families On The Go

They might not be the largest recreation vehicles going, but van campers can pack a serious punch in a small space.

Interior Design Ideas

A good interior design combines beauty with functionality. While beauty is always a relative term, functionality is considered universal. The functionality of the interior design serves its purpose as far as enhancing the total outlook of the space.

A Post Occupancy Review of First Net Zero Electric bld in US

On July 12, 2007 we reached an important milestone at 31 Tannery, with our solar photovoltaic system being online for one year. We also documented that for a one year period of time that our building generated more electricity from renewable energy than we consumed from the grid making us the First Net Zero Commercial Electric building in the U.S.


Astronaut Robert L. Behnken used a digital camera to take this self-portrait during a spacewalk.

Passengers to be allowed to use mobiles on flights

Ofcom said plans were now in place to allow passengers on UK-registered aircraft to use their own mobiles while in flight in European airspace.

Endeavour is scheduled to land today

Endeavour's landing at NASA's Kennedy Space Center in Fla. is planned for March 26 at 7:05 p.m. EDT. Mission Specialist Garrett Reisman will remain on station as the Expedition 16 and 17 flight engineer replacing Leopold Eyharts who will return with the Endeavour crew.